Cannabis Infused Olive Oil

This recipe is super simple and can pump up your edible game! 

You will need: 

  • a jar
  • Olive oil
  • a scale
  • Cannabis or shake
  • Garlic (optional) 
  • An instant pot (or just a pot of water)

How to:

  1. Measure the amount of cannabis or shake you want to infuse into your oil. The guide I looked at recommended 2g for about a cup of oil. I was making 3/4 cup of oil so I decided to use 2g anyways because I don't want to do math. You can also just eyeball this. 

    I didn't realise how much 2g is in shake until I was trying to weigh it. In the future I'm just going to cram a bunch of shake into a jar and be done with it.

    cannabis in a jar

  2. Add your cannabis and oil to a glass jar. 

    If you want your oil to be flavoured like I did add whatever flavouring you'd like. 

    I chose garlic because... GARLIC. You'll learn that I basically like to douse everything I eat in garlic. It's a way of life. But you do you, add some herbs, add some spicy shit - whatever makes you and your tongue happy.

    adding garlic

  3. Once your ingredients are all in shake it up to give it a quick mix and then add it to your instant pot. Add in a cup or two of water and then put the lid on. Make sure the seal is set to sealing, not venting and then push pressure cook and set the timer for an hour and WALK AWAY. 

    instant pot

    Seriously, I love the Instant Pot just for the ability to set it and forget it. Pop it in and just wander off and do whatever else you want to do.

  4. Once your instant pot sings to you that it's done you can do a quick release. Using oven mitts take the jar out of the instant pot and let it cool.

  5. Once your jar is cool open the lid. Or make someone else do it if you have weak noodley arms like me. Set up a second jar or container and using a sieve or small strainer pour the oil into your new container. This will take all of the chunks out of your oil. 

    strain your oil

  6. Bon appetite! 

    finished oil

    You can pair this with any food you would normally use olive oil with and it will be divine! We just used bread and some balsamic vinegar and it was a tasty snack. 

If you do not have an instant pot or pressure cooker:

You can also set the jar an a pot of boiling water for a few hours. You'll have to watch it more carefully though so just keep that in mind! 

I hope you enjoyed this recipe!

Let me know if you tried it and how to imbibed it! 


  • Cannabis Infused Olive Oil– Blunt Baker

  • Cannabis Infused Olive Oil– Blunt Baker

  • Cannabis Infused Olive Oil– Blunt Baker

  • Cannabis Infused Olive Oil– Blunt Baker

  • Cannabis Infused Olive Oil– Blunt Baker


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